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Reduce Production Obstacles with Replacement Parts

While there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, stocking replacement parts can be a strong line of defense against unwarranted downtime and unforeseen maintenance obstacles. Often times though, replacement parts aren’t thought of until they are needed. In the event of a conveyor going down, most companies do not have the luxury to wait for a new belt, idler tail, or pulley to be shipped. Luckily, if these parts are on hand the fix can be done within a matter of minutes, instead of days. 

Indicators a Part Could Need Replacing

Belt or chain – look for fraying, damage, build-up of debris or extra slack.

Tracking – if the conveyor belts are off track, they can quickly become damaged, which then causes damage to other parts.

Bearings – Sometimes you can hear when a bearing is about to fail, or feel excessive heat coming from a worn bearing; bearing failure can create the need for major repairs down the line.

Gear Motors – Gearbox noise or excessive heat from either the motor or the gearbox can be a sign of trouble. These warning signs can predict either a potential drive failure, or help to identify other problems such as those mentioned above.

Discount FAQ

For more information, or to begin a purchase submit the contact form. Dorner will assign the the additional discount when the promo-code is referenced on the purchase order.

The discount includes all standard parts and accessories. It does not include ETO parts. Discount applies to all standard parts and accessories on the same order and can be of any mix.

The promotion applies to standard parts and accessories only during the promotion period. The additional discount is not to be applied to other products.

This offer is extended to all authorized Dorner channels in North America (US, Canada, and Mexico). Code EXDISC20 must be referenced at time of purchase to receive discount. If the code is not referenced, Dorner will not automatically include the discount.

The promotion starts on Monday, November 2 and continues through Monday, November 30th. The added discount will not be applied to any orders received after Monday, November 30th. There is no limit on how many parts the customer can purchase, but all parts must ship by December 11th, 2020. The added discount is a promotion and not intended to replace current discounts and should not be recognized or suggested as a permanent price structure after 11/30/2020.

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